Subscription amount from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. If you miss lessons (due to illness, travel, etc.), the fee is not reduced - the full monthly subscription is paid for the entire season

The first trial lesson is free (if you decide to attend, the subscription starts counting from the first trial lesson).

Single visit for one lesson 12 EUR. 1 hour, paying for actual lessons - 12 euros. | 1 hour/week – 35 eur/month. | 2 hours/week – 55 eur/month. | 3 hours/week – 65 eur/month. | 4 hours/week – 70 eur/month.

Unlimited subscription from 5 hours/week. – 95 EUR (small group lessons are not included).

The same family for the second, third and so on. a discount of 5 euros is applied to the member.